Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 6 - Djina (Gina in Creole)

Today was a ton of fun! And I am feeling soooooo much better. I got up, showered my body and actually practiced in the morning with the group. I just remember Laura (you know who you are) telling me that some people get sick around their birthdays which I know holds true for me this time of year BUT I didn’t want to think about it since I was going to be in Haiti! So my body went through a sweet detox, cleanse and purge. Well, maybe not so sweet but boy did I purge.

After breakfast we went to the Art Creation Foundation For Children(ACFFC). This center works with about 100 street children to enroll them in school, provide nutritional meals and teach them art therapy methods. We worked on a mosaic project that the children have started to beautify Jacmel. We worked on the bench outside which just looks amazing! I can’t wait to do this project at home, (Karen)!!! Then we went down by the water to work on another larger bench by an already beautiful mosaic wall that the kids have been working on. Afterwards, we walked the streets of Jacmel. It is much more calm here than Port au Prince. I’ve never been to New Orleans (yet) but the streets here reminded the group of New Orleans. Just such neat architecture and doorways and colors and TRUE patina. Although old and still poor (looking) the energy surrounding this place is just so rich! Wait till you see my pictures. And by the water it was like Pirates of the Caribbean. Yup, felt just like out of the movie.

Mostly, I loved getting my hands in the cement and working with the children. They taught me how to mosaic. Quite honestly, although we dropped off our donations and have made a contribution to the foundation, it’s me who comes out the one who is learning. It was really funny how the kids would just shake us off if we were cutting the tiles wrong or putting the cement on wrong. In the end, we worked together and the project looks awesome!! I hope one day your travels bring you to tour the mosaic wall and bench of Jacmel!

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